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Unlock the potential of a NewCo in Portugal!

We have gone through the pains of creating a company abroad and want to help you navigate through the bureaucracy in Portugal.

Establishing a company abroad and ensuring compliance can be challenging. Leading disruption can feel like an island. It’s good to know that others like you, who “also get it”, have your back. We want to help you navigate through the bureaucracy in Portugal.

portugal duo

Like you, we are tired of dealing with incomplete solutions

You shouldn’t bear the costs of dealing with different contractual processes for accountants, legal counsel, company incorporation, among other. Your focus shouldn’t be steering your way through the legal parlance in Portuguese. Most importantly, you shouldn’t have any surprises along the way. No unexpected additional costs due to so called “last minute” or “unexpected” administrative charges.

Complete turnkey solution

We integrate everything you need for company incorporation

This gives you increased peace of mind and flexibility for last-minute requests. Let us be your partners so that you can focus on your core activities and boost your impact. Whether you want to start a development team, launch and test your startup or leverage government-funded schemes and grants for equity-free money you can count on us.
Project Management
You shouldn’t be the one managing different processes for accountants, legal counsel, company incorporation, etc. Let us take care of that for you.
Administrative support in company incorporation. Includes document drafting and submission.
Certified Accountant
We ensure all services required by Portuguese Law for standard business operations.
Legal Counsel
We take care of all legal hassles. Count on us to proactively uncover legal issues and identify ways of further protecting the company.
Incentives & Benefits
We scan the ecosystem for relevant incentives and benefits for your business. Based on your needs, we will diagnose opportunities, assess their potential and take care of the application.
Starting a team in Portugal? We can help you by fast-tracking the recruitment and training of new hires.
Just landed in Portugal? We can introduce you to the right players and potential partners. We do all the due diligence and make sure you only mingle with the best.
Business Development
We are expert venture developers. Tell us what you need to grow your business, and we’ll assemble a specialised team and tailor-made approach.

Lite NewCo

Fastrack incorporation
  • Support by generalist business consultant
  • Support in drafting and submitting NewCo documentation using certified templates
  • All admin costs included
  • No additional or unexpected costs

Pro NewCo

Covering the essentials for a year

Lite NewCo plus+

  • Certified accountant and invoicing software
  • Support following NewCo incorporation
  • Strategic support and clarification of national legislation
  • Access to business partners
  • Proactive identification of business opportunities and threats
or 620€ Monthly

Bespoke NewCo

Going the extra mile for a year

Pro NewCo plus+

  • Certified Legal Counsel
  • Custom made documentation (instead of certified templates)
  • Certified English translation of key documentation
  • Proactive uncovering of legal issues and identification of ways of further protecting the NewCo
or 1,100€ Monthly


Not sure which solution is best for you?

Book a 30min consultation



First, we focus on getting alignment and understanding your needs and goals

Fine Tuning

After ensuring alignment we budget the work. We want to meet your expectations and understand it may require some fine-tuning

NewCo Incorporation

After fine-tuning the proposal to meet your expectations and needs, we will be eager to kick things off

Who we are

We are venture builders & developers fully equipped to help you soft land in Portugal. We can help you across a range of other areas such as incentives & fiscal benefits, brand strategy & design, policy & regulatory support, talent sourcing, and other.

Drop us a line